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It seems silly to have such a fine blog and yet forget to post on it!


Anyway, 2012. 2 months and 7 days into 2012, so it can hardly be called a New Year’s post.  Life has been, well, interesting to say the least. In 2011 I got a lot accomplished and went through a lot, and 2012 has continued to pull no punches (although the punches have required traveling, so I have gotten to see a lot and meet some amazing new people along the way).


No news on the health front, just continuing to go through stuff. So I leave you with this little bit of information:


Cannons were first used in Western warfare in the Siege of Constantinople in 1453. Also, the Crimean War was the first war to be photographed.




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20-something, knitter, adventurer, historian, gardener. Lover, fighter, philosophizer.
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